Moon Eye Lids

Moon Eye Lids is a fruition of textural experimentations of Gozde Omay combined with Atay Ilgun’s old and ever lasting passion for music eternal. Easily comparable to Steve Roach’s Musical Healing series or Bass Communion’s earlier -less spooky more transcendental- offerings Moon Eye Lids is a gorgeous piece of modern ambient music adorned with blissful pads, euphoric female voices, bansuri flutes, shimmering metallics and Treefingers Guitars especially for sleep induced states.

Package is a vinyl style CD-R -black vinyl, printed on the middle area- in a blue and starry thick card complimented with an informative card within. Each edition is hand-cut, written and numbered.


25 Editions – Price: 9£ (Plus  shipping. Australia and United States 3£ / Europe and Asia 2£)

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